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"His success in large extent depended on you, and let me stress that you were very successful in this, for which I am extremely grateful. ____ had a lot of faith in you and you were in big support to him. He was happy to have lessons with you. I'm sure you will remain forever enshrined in his memory."

Father of Secondary School son at graduation


"This (coaching) is just what we were looking for.  We tried therapy, but it didn’t give us specific ideas of how to make the changes we were looking to make.  Coaching is helping us to find strategies for change."

ADHD adults


"We have a complex 13 year old boy, where information that we could share with him, comes better from someone with a set of skills to give a stronger context. He has been helped by Susan in that she gave him some easy-to-remember ways to think about what he needs to do, to be organized. Hearing mum and dad telling him to organize himself and his stuff did not cut it for him.  Also Susan wrote things down with him in a way he could relate to.  

Again, this is not a skill we have and just giving him that extra context, or alternative explanation was a very big help. He did not get this level of help from school. They just expected him to be organized!"

Father of ADHD boy


"It's such a relief to know that Susan is taking care of my son on a regular basis, now we don't need to fight so much."

Mother of teenage son with dyslexia


"I don’t think I could have made it through this year without Susan’s help."

Senior in Secondary School


"I have a coach at University, but she isn’t as good as you were with me."

First Year University student.


"If it wasn’t for you, I would have no idea about the possibility of SEN support."

Mother of teenage boy


"___ was on " a high" this morning and it just makes such a difference! I like to think it was because she saw you

yesterday ;-) "

Mother of secondary school girl


"Thanks a lot for your help.  You have definitely had made a big impact on how ____ is preparing for his exams, tasks and tackles his life." Father of graduating secondary school boy.


"We never would have found out how to help our son if we hadn’t met you."

Mother of teenage boy


“Not only did you help manage everything, but you also made me aware of my ADHD, and I was able to understand it and see its effects on my life.  It changed my life.”

Graduating secondary school girl


"I wanted to let you know the good news that thanks to your help and their hard work, ___ and ___ have been accepted."

Many, many thanks again for your very effective tutoring."

Mother of twin primary school children


"We want to let you know how much we appreciate everything that you do to help ___ overcome all his challenges.  How you do it is truly amazing."

Mother of a primary school boy


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