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I offer targeted remedial assistance to students who need extra support in school, particularly in Language Arts.  I am trained in Orton-Gillingham and in Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) methodology.   I have a broad understanding of the interrelationship between etymology, morphology, and phonology in English orthography.  Learning about and understanding how the English writing system works is key for students who are struggling with reading and spelling.


I provide individualised learning support, within the mainstream classroom, to primary and secondary school students with learning differences.  I coordinate with the classroom teachers to ensure that a student's learning environment is structured to meet his/her individual needs.   I can assist in obtaining classroom and curriculum modifications that are appropriate for the needs of these students. 


I develop and implement learning strategies to achieve the education and behaviour goals identified in individualised learning plans.  I contribute to the development of the individualised learning plans and the periodic reevaluation of learning plan goals.  I teach lessons in personal, health and social skills.  I work with students within small, targeted learning support groups outside the classroom.  I provide feedback to occupational and the speech therapists about skill deficiencies identified in the classroom.  I participate in meetings with parents and educators to review student progress. 

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