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In ADHD coaching we understand ADHD and how to work with clients to improve their skills and achieve the results they are looking for.  Using the coaching principle that a client is naturally whole, resilient and creative, ADHD coaching helps people to determine what they want and to clarify the choices to be made.  By helping to identify one’s strengths and by developing compensating approaches for one’s weaknesses, coaching can help a client acquire new skills and work towards achieving realistic goals. 


ADHD coaching includes information about ADHD and its impact on the brain’s executive functions, as well as the influence of ADHD on a person’s everyday life.  The coach helps the client achieve goals through the systematic monitoring of progress and mutually agreed upon systems of accountability.  ADHD coaching helps the client to develop individualised strategies that build the essential skills they need to meet their goals and for their success in school and in everyday life.


​Koaching for Kids recognises that coping with issues at home or at school can be frustrating and efforts to manage these situations can often feel overwhelming.  As a result, many children and their families struggle with the pressures of life, the challenges of growing up and the stresses of adapting to academic environments. 



Family coaching may include applying behaviour management systems; arranging educational assessments; developing self-advocacy and social skills; acquiring time management and planning skills; obtaining classroom and teaching modifications, learning organisation methods; creating accountability; and developing systems for monitoring progress. Koaching for Kids assists children and their families in developing routines and individual strategies for success in school and in everyday life.


​Koaching for Kids offers a multi-modal approach to supporting students who are having difficulties.   School-based coaching improves grades as well as social and emotional learning.  The coaching system is specifically tailored to the unique needs of adolescents and teens, and uses a holistic approach that incorporates all aspects of a student’s life.  



The coaching process fosters the growth of the student’s self-sufficiency through the development of daily living skills and academic skills.  Through scheduled one-on-one sessions and regular contact by telephone, e-mails and texts, the student is able to access coaching help as needed.  Through systematic goal setting and accountability, the coaching process lets the client learn to become an independent and capable student.


Coaching is proven to be effective in the academic success of students.  Koaching for Kids teaches students strategies that are specifically tailored to their unique learning styles and/or learning challenges.  The coach helps a student to set realistic goals and, through frequent monitoring and check-ins, creates a system of accountability to help the student progress towards these goals.


Coaching helps students with:


  • effective ways to read and take notes

  • memorization and study techniques

  • organization, time management and planning skills

  • tips for concentration

  • developing self-advocacy and social skills

  • obtaining classroom and teaching modifications

  • test taking strategies

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