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I am the owner of Koaching for Kids.  After years of frustration trying to understand why my kids couldn’t just be like “other” kids and why my intelligent children struggled so in school, I found the answer – ADHD.   I soon realised that other students could benefit from the kind of help that ADHD and academic coaching provides.  Subsequently, I trained as an ADHD coach and started Koaching for Kids.  I am a graduate in ADHD coaching from JST Coaching in the USA and Leicester University’s Specialist Coach Training Course by Dianne Zaccheo in the UK.  


I have many years of experience working in classrooms with children who have additional needs as well as providing individual, private tutoring.  I have extensive training in working with children who have learning differences and in teaching social thinking skills.

Over the past several years, I have furthered my professional development through the study of English Orthography and Structured Word Inquiry (SWI). I have also studied Orton-Gillingham based methods of teaching reading and spelling.  And, I am a certified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.  I teach reading and spelling to students who need remedial support as well to children of multi-lingual families.  

I am co-founder of a parent support group in Brussels called CHAOS - Children Having ADHD or Other Stuff. This group was created to help meet the needs of parents by providing support, resources and information.


I have a Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College and an MBA from Wake Forest University.  I left my job as a performance auditor at the U. S. Government Accountability Office to raise my children and ultimately founded Koaching for Kids. 

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