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Discover what KOACHING FOR KIDS can do to help...

Koaching for Kids recognises that coping with issues at home, school or work can be frustrating, and efforts to manage these situations can often feel overwhelming.  Coaching may be the solution you are looking for as you, or your family, struggle with the pressures of life, the challenges of growing up, or the stresses of coping with academic and work environments.  Coaching isn’t therapy or counselling but a multimodal approach to supporting those having difficulties and their families.


Specialised training in the particular challenges faced by people with ADHD or other learning differences, such as dyslexia, means that the coaching techniques used are appropriate and specifically tailored to the needs of these clients.   Through scheduled one-on-one sessions and regular contact by telephone, e-mail or text, the client is able to access coaching help as needed.


Koaching for Kids helps clients to acquire new skills and work towards achieving realistic goals.   During coaching, clients recognise and further develop their strengths, while identifying gaps in their knowledge, skills or resources.  By improving their techniques and developing compensating approaches for their weaknesses, clients are able to change negative habits, attitudes and self-perceptions. Through skill development, practice and encouragement clients are able to make lasting changes, renew their self-confidence and achieve success in school and in life. 



koaching for kids
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